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Book safe with key

Item number: 361288
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TLS1.2, high level encryption (AES-128, 128 Bit)

Our book safe presented in video

Easily hide your valuables on your shelf and lock the book safe. The book safe disguises itself on the shelf quite simply as a stock book.

Product description

Psst, listen in: the LIGHTHOUSE book safe is the perfect hiding place for your valuables, important documents, cash and jewelry. On the outside, it looks like a LIGHTHOUSE stock book, but when you open it up, the inside contains a steel safe with a secure cylinder lock. By assuming the format of book pages, the fore-edge is plastic, the book looks extremely authentic and is completely inconspicuous. As the book size is relatively small, this book safe is ideal for taking on your travels. Material: leatherette cover, safe made of steel (thickness: 0.8 mm). 2 keys, each with a separate key number that is unique to the integrated lock, are included. Book color: black with gold-colored embossing. Size of safe (inside): 229 x 137 x 40 mm. Size of book: 240 x 155 x 55 mm.

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