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CLEAN-IT Coin Maintenance Set, 5 pieces

Item number: 347926
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Product description

Coin maintenance set for the proper and gentle cleaning of valuable coins, consisting of:
1 coin tweezer with plastic protective coating
1 coin cleaning solution for silver (contents: 150 ml)
1 coin cleaning solution for copper (contents: 150 ml)
1 pair of coin gloves in uni-size made of 100% cotton, CE standard, natural color
1 fine coin polishing cloth with special impregnation
The valuable substances in the coin cleaning bath provide a quick and gentle cleaning of oxidants on your coins. The coin bath for copper is also suitable for nickel and bronze. With child safety cap. Simply immerse the coins in the bath for 3 to 8 minutes, rinse thoroughly, and rub dry with a soft cloth.
The finely woven coin polishing cloth is specially impregnated so that even heavily fouled spots will disappear by simply rubbing. Also suitable for jewelry and cutlery.

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