Collecting Coins

  • Euro coin album NUMIS

    Incl. 6 NUMIS coin sheets for storing 18 complete euro coin sets, incl. flag set for all ...

  • Single coin box NOBILE

    The silk matt, leatherette upholstery fabric as well as the black velvet inlay give these ...

  • Coin Card Euro Coin-Set

    8 cut-outs for a complete euro coin set, matching for all countries

  • Coin Albums NUMIS

    Complete album consisting of a 4-ring binder, 5 coin sheets with space for 143 coins of ...

  • Coin Case CARGO MB 10

    Aluminium Coin Case, for 10 Coin Boxes

  • VARIO Plastic Pockets

    Plastic sheets VARIO from black or crystal clear backing film with welded, clear strips ...