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The pages are numbered and there is an empty table of contents for  you  to  make  it  easier  to  organise  your  notes.  There  are  several perforated pages at the back of every notebook – just in case you want to share a note with someone else. All books come with a set of self-adhesive labels which help you archive them.

Details make all the difference

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MASTER / size: 225 x 315 mm
Slightly bigger than A4, so that A4 sheets can be conveniently stored away.

ACADEMY PAD & JOTTBOOK A4 / size: 210 x 297 mm
A4, not bigger, not smaller.

MEDIUM / size: 145 x 210 mm
Equally suitable for your writing desk or on your travels.  
A double page is just the right size for A4 photocopies.

POCKET / size: 90 x 150 mm
The size to carry around. Fits into the inside pocket of a jacket.

REPORTER / size: 90 x 150 mm
Just as handy as POCKET, but functions like a writing pad.

MINI / size: 70 x 110 mm
Small enough for any pocket. Big enough for all ideas.
X-MINI / size: 58 x 110 mm
Credit card-sized address book and birthday calendar for your wallet.

Table of contents

All our notebooks have a three-page, blank table of contents at  the  front.  All  pages  in  the  main  section,  whether  lined, squared, dotted or plain, are consecutively numbered.


Lines with a usual spacing of 6 mm. The Master size features a generous spacing of 8,5 mm and an extra margin with space for comments.

Squares  with  precise  5  x  5  mm  boxes  for calculations,  tables  and  drawings.  The  note-books in Master size also come with a margin.

Dots  with  5mm  spacing  providing  guidelines for writing,  creating  tables  and  drawings and are so discreet that you could almost think the pages are blank.

Clear, white pages. No margin, no date. Simply features the page number in the bottom corner. Every plain notebook (except for Pocket sizes) also includes a lined and squared guide sheet.

Whitelines Link®
White  lines  on  a  grey  background  so  that  the ruling and the writing do not interfere with each other. When copying and scanning, only the text is visible (no ruling).