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Padded leatherette cover (black pages) PREMIUM

Item number: 800327

• Leather fibre fabric cover (LEFA)
• 9 clear strips per page
• Double clear interleaves
• 32 + 64 black pages
• Double-hinged binding

from $89.95

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Product description

9 clear strips per page, special film free from chemical softeners, doubled interleaves, double hinge binding, available in 4 colours

When we mention stockbooks, we refer to stamp albums with card pages featuring horizontal glassine or film strips, into which the stamps are inserted. Even if part of the collection is stored elsewhere, e.g. in illustrated albums, stockbooks can serve as a storage space for duplicates, as a mobile solution for example for trading or to accommodate the most valuable pieces in a deposit box and are an essential piece of kit for philatelists.