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SF assortment, strips of varying heights

Item number: 800413

• 30 strips: 217 x 37 mm (10x), 217 x 59 mm (10x), 217 x 78 d mm (10x)

( d= double-stitched seam (mounts sealed at top and bottom))

Product description

SF mounts assortment offering maximum protection against sticking, discolouration, dust and humidity.
Stamps held securely in place by strong clamp-type seal. SF mounts are made from 100% polystyrene (free from softening agents, acids and stabilising chemicals). Antireflection coating prevents light interference.
Special adhesive on reverse side of film (simply moisten and stick down!).

217 mm (8 1 / 2 ’’) long strips, you can cut to your requirements.

Following stripe heights are included in the range: Strip length x height mark, number in brackets

30 strips: 217 x 37 mm (10x), 217 x 59 mm (10x), 217 x 78 d mm (10x)

d = double seal (closed top and bottom)