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Ultrasonic Cleaner PULSAR

Item number: 310923
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Product description

Professional stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner for the gentle cleaning of coins,
medals, glasses, jewellery, braces, dentures, plastic lenses and other small
household and workshop items. Rubberised basket provides additional protection for your items. Gets rid of grease, fingerprints and other general clinging dirt. Digital timer can be set to the minute. Device cleans with water. The cleaner can be supplemented with special LIGHTHOUSE coin cleaning baths. The ultrasonic cleaning is also recommended as preparation for a chemical clean with our special coin cleaning baths.
175 x 110 x 150 mm (6 9 / 10 x 4 1 / 3 x 5 9 / 10 ").
Volume: 0,7 litres.
Frequency: 40 kHz.

* This product requires a power plug adapter, which is included.

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