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VOLTERRA coin case for 18 Silver Dragon rectangular coins in capsules

Item number: 368466
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Product description

Coins are round – there are some exceptions to this golden rule. Unusual shapes and sizes are particularly popular with collectors and investors. One particular shape, in particular, has stirred things up on the investment scene over the past few years: the Perth Mint sells silver bullion coins with exotic motifs depicting Chinese mythology. The Dragon series was actually created as an investment product but is exceedingly popular among collectors. Consequently, the value for collectors has climbed dramatically, and these bullion coins are traded at prices far above the normal price of silver. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that optimum storage is crucial to ensure that coins are not damaged. With its VOLTERRA coin case, Leuchtturm provides the solution for the safekeeping of 18 “Dragon” silver coins in capsules. The cut-outs were tailored to these exotic coins, and the coin case features elaborate and attractive embossed printing, thereby perfectly enhancing the fascination of this new area of collecting.