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Gold-Label CAN. USA. ASIA

Item number: 319025

Country Labels with gold lettering Canada, USA and many more

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Product description

Self-adhesive labels, diverse regions Canada, USA and many more., Roman numerals I-XXI, 5x FDC, 5x ETB, labels for mint condition and stamped.

2x Argentina

1x British Antarctic Territory

6x Canada

1x Curaçao

1x Aruba

2x Falkland Islands

3x Mexico

1x Nederlandse Antillen

1x Nederlands

2x Suriname

12x USA

4x Australia

1x Australian Antarctic Territory

1x Ross Dependency

1x Cocos (Keeling) Islands

6x China

2x Hong Kong

2x Indonesia

3x Macau

3x New Zealand

3x Nippon

2x Singapore

3x Taiwan

2x Thailand

2x Algerie

1x Bophuthatswana

1x Ciskei

4x Egypt

2x Var

6x Israel

3x India

2x Maroc

1x Nigeria

3x South Africa

2x South West Afrika

1x Suidwes-Afrika

2x Namibia

1x Transkei

1x Venda

2x Zare

2x Congo

2x Zimbabwe

12x Postfrisch

10x Gestempelt

8x Briefumschlag

5x FDC

5x ETB