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Gold-Label CH. F. AT.E

Item number: 308868

Country Labels with gold lettering Switzerland, France, Austria and many more

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Product description

Self-adhesive labels, diverse regions - Switzerland, France, Austria and many more, Roman numerals I-XXI, 5x FDC, 5x German First Day of Issue cards, labels for mint condition and stamped.

2x Andorra

8x France

4x Monaco

2x Mayotte

2x Nouvelle Caledonie

2x Polynesie Française

2x Reunion

2x St. Pierre et Miquelon

2x T.A.A.F.

2x Wallis & Futuna

2x Carnets

2x Minature Sheet

2x Red Cros

1x Colis Postaux

2x Algerie

2x Maroc


6x Italia

2x San Marino

4x Vaticano

6x Espana

2x Portugal

1x Açores

1x Madeira

6x Helvetia

3x Liechtenstein

6x Österreich

3x Kleinbogen

2x Pro Juventute

2x Pro Patria

2x Zusammendrucke

53x chiffres romains from I-XXI

12x Postfrisch

10x Gestempelt

8x Briefumschlag

5x FDC

5x ETB