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Gold-Label North-West Europe

Item number: 314091

Country Labels with gold lettering North and West Europe

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Product description

Self-adhesive labels, diverse regions - North and Western Europe, Roman numerals I-XXI, 5x FDC, 5x ETB, labels for mint condition and stamped.

2x Aland

4x Danmark

2x Eesti

2x Foroyar

2x Gronland

2x Island

2x Latvija

2x Lietuva

4x Norge

4x Suomi Finland

6x Sverige

5x Great Britain

2x Guernsey

2x Jersey

2x Isle of Man

2x Alderney

2x Definitives

2x Machin

2x Commemoratives

3x Eire

2x Gibraltar

3x Malta

4x Cyprus

5x Belgium/Belgique

6x Nederland

3x Luxembourg

4x Velletjes

2x Boekjes

1x Curaçao

1x Aruba

1x Nederlandse Antillen

2x Suriname

53x chiffres romains from I-XXI

12x Postfrisch

10x Gestempelt

8x Briefumschlag

5x FDC

5x ETB