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L 83 ultraviolet pocket torch, long-wave, 10 white LEDs white LEDs

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Product description

Robust and practical pocket torch with 2 functions: UV light and white light.

The 6 UV LEDs with a 365nm (long-wave) wavelength provide a multitude of possible applications.
The pocket torch is ideal for determining the fluorescence of banknotes, stamps, minerals and fossils, for verification of credit cards and driving licenses, making UV fluorescent colors visible, as well as for hygiene control and for detecting traces of cat’s urine, for example.

The great advantage over most UV torches: the UV light can also be used in bright environments and in daylight.

The 10 powerful, white LEDs make this pocket torch an ideal accessory for recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, climbing, camping, and geocaching, as well as at home, at work and everywhere else where a good pocket torch is needed.

Includes hand strap. Metal casing. Battery powered: 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (not included).
Weight (without batteries): 82.5 g. Overall size: L 125 mm, shaft 27 mm in diameter, head 35 mm in diameter

Caution: Torch emits UV radiation. Do not shine directly into the eyes. Do not shine on skin for prolonged periods.

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