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LIGHTHOUSE PERFECT Turn-bar binder imprint, incl. slipcase

Item number: 800296

• PERFECT turn-bar binder
• Embossing of the country’s name on the spine, generally in the native language
• Holds up to 120 SF illustrated album pages
• Practical closing mechanism

from $140.00

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Our turn bar binder presented in the video

In this video we show you the capacity of the sheets and the mechanics of the turn bar binder. We will also show you how to use the turn bar binder for the first time.

Product description

Our 2-post PERFECT DP binders with country imprint have become the favourite among collectors. They are available for most countries and collecting areas.

Other advantages:
Extra large capacity. Practical mechanism for easy addition or removal of SF sheets, blank sheets and stock sheets. Sturdy padded cover. High quality materials and workmanship. Capacity: up to 120 SF pre-printed pages.

Size binder: 288 x 315 x 60 mm, Size slipcase: 315 x 325 x 70 mm.

The name, embossed in gold on the spine, is usually in the language of the native country. Binder incl. slipcase.