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LIGHTHOUSE SF-Illustrade album Canada 1851-1985, incl. slipace, red

Item number: 316129

For ambitious collectors of Canada stamps, we offer a complete stamp album including a turn-bar binder, preprinted pages with mounts and a matching slipcase.

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Product description

The preprinted stamp album set Canada consists of 5 red stamp albums. Each stamp album includes a turn-bar binder, preprinted pages with mounts and a matching slipcase.

• The Lighthouse 2-Post turn-bar binder in red color offer a large capacity, easy handling and an appealing look. The binder comes with Canada imprinted in gold on the spine.

• The album includes hingeless illustrated pages that allow you to immediately spot the missing stamps in your collection. The high-quality pages have tailor-made mounts made of chemical softener free polystyrene. The pages Includes philatelic and technical notes prepared by our editorial department. Apart from recording all catalog numbers where the definitive series are largely kept separate from commemorative issues, you will also find pre-printed sheets for all the main different watermark, printing, paper, color, type and perforation differences. Official stamps and postage stamps have also been included on separate pages.

• Each stamp album comes with a matching slipcase.

• Volume I (1851-1985)
• Volume II (1986 - 1999)
• Volume III (2000 - 2009)
• Volume IV (2010-2015)
• Volume V (2016-2021)

* The price displayed is for 1 stamp album.

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